Aqualitec Leachate Equipment

Osmeo Leachate to Water Solution

Osmeo is an onsite Landfill treatment and management solution designed to solve all your leachate storage, treatment, disposal and transportation issues.

  • Converts leachate into water
  • on-site turnkey treatment solution
  • eco-friendly & cost-effective

Common Landfill Issues

Landfills across the world are facing huge issues with leachate. The regulations have tightened and the cost of disposal is skyrocketing. Many landfills have millions of gallons of leachate stored. In addition, the storage of hazardous and extremely polluted leachate puts our environment at risk.

  • Leachate disposal regulation
  • Leachate cost transportation
  • WTP not accepting the leachate ” Stock of leachates increasing
  • Leachates contain TSS (Total Suspended Solids) and a lot of TDS (Total Dissolved solids) : TDS = DS* – TSS

Osmeo Landfill Leachate to Water Treatment Solution

The best way to solve this problem is on site leachate treatment. Backed by 10 years of experience, Osmeo is the turnkey onsite landfill solution to solve all your leachate storage, treatment, disposal and transportation issues. The optimized Osmeo treatment process includes several stages of filtration and a final treatment by high pressure Reverse Osmosis. The membranes will filter the leachate and purify it from the dissolved solids. Only the H2O molecules will pass through the membranes.

Features & Benefits

Easy Conversion To Water

Convert your leachate into water using the reverse osmosis treatment process.

Plug & Play

On site turnkey treatment solution. The RO plant fits into a container. The container is easy to install and can be used as a mobile unit for different sites. The unit can be operated remotely.

Save Money & Make Money

By treating on site, reduce dramatically the transportation cost. In addition, the permeate can be sold or used as recycled water.

Eco Friendly

Upon the initial conductivity of the leachates, at least 70% of leachate is converted into recycled water. This is more water available for drought areas and less transportation fuel gas emission. It also relieves Wastewater Plant from treating heavy loaded leachates.

High Performance Level

98% of pollution removal (salts, bacteria, viruses, etc).


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