Vertically driven.
Highly reliable.

The heart of every sequencing batch reactor (SBR) system is the decanter. The decanter is responsible for removing clarified effluent from the basin during the decant phase of the sequence cycle.

The Wagner Fluid SBR by Ram Industrial Services is an advanced SBR technology that may be designed for batch or continuous inflow. All SBR processes are operated using defined cycle times adjusted to variable flow conditions. Each cycle typically consists of four main phases; fill, aerate, settle and decant. The basin may be aerated fill or anoxic fill during the first half of the cycle. After the aeration phase, the system goes into a settling phase where liquid/solids separation occurs. In the final step, clear water is decanted out of the basin.

The Wagner Fluid System decanter is installed on the basin wall supported by a stainless steel fabrication, grating and railing that provides a stable platform for maintenance and plant operators. The decanter is lowered and raised using an electro-mechanical jack screw actuator. The actuator moves the decanter between two set point elevations from the “park” position to the bottom water level (BWL). The decanter parks above top water level during the aeration and settling phases of the cycle, thereby eliminating any possibility of solids carryover during these periods.


The decanter operation and speed is controlled through use of a variable frequency drive (VFD). As a result, the decanter discharge rate is constant from the time the decanter enters the water to the time it reaches the BWL. Effluent volume per linear foot of weir is controlled and constant versus gravity style decant systems.

At “park” position, the decanter provides “fail safe” overflow protection in the event of a power failure. Settled supernatant flow raise the scum gate floats allowing water to flow under the scum baffle and over the decanter weir free of floatable scum under power failure or storm mode.

The decanter weir always is visible from the basin walkway. This feature provides the operator with a continuous visual check of the effluent quality.

The Wagner Fluid System decants from the top and moves downward withdrawing only clear water from the basin and preventing disruption of the settling solids. All maintenance can be performed from the safety platform without entering the basin.