Minimum Space & Maximum Efficiency

The Wagner Fluid Systems Sequence Batch Reactor (SBR) is an aeration process for the complete treatment of municipal, industrial and agricultural wastewaters. The process takes place in a single tank and is capable of removing BOD, ammonia, suspended solids and nutrients (including Nitrates and Phosphorus). Sewage is treated in a series of four distinct sequences.

Each reaction estimates a total of four hours to complete. An initial fill cycle allows raw sewage to enter the tank. An aeration cycle then begins converting non- volatile sludge (humus) and ammonia is oxidized to nitrate. After the aeration cycle is complete, a precipitation phase allows the sludge to settle under quiescent conditions. Treated effluent is then decanted from the tank during a decant phase, after which, the cycle is repeated.

A Wagner Fluid Systems SBR will typically consist of two or more tanks, allowing one tank to discharge treated effluent while another tank is available to accept sewage flow. The process contains minimal in- basin equipment ensuring affordable capital cost. The simple design and ease of operation ensures reduced maintenance and operation expenses.

  • Applications

    Food Processing, Industrial & Municipal Wastewater

  • Simple

    Low-cost design

  • Minimal

    Sludge production

  • Construction

    Concrete & epoxy

  • Corrosion-free

    Long lasting carbon-coated steel

  • Air Operated

    Lift pumps

  • Start-up

    of equipment

  • Flexible

    Treats a wide range of wastewater

  • Optional

    De-nitrification integration