Time Proven: Tried
& Tested

Wagner Fluid Systems “De-Nite” denitrification and tertiary filtration system provides a time proven process for the reduction of nutrients (Nitrate-N and Phosphorus) as well as suspended solids from the effluent of wastewater treatment plants.

The process accepts secondary effluent by gravity or lift station to a distribution box with automatic control valves. The distribution box and control valves direct water to each filter cell in proper sequence. The anoxic biological process and conversion of Nitrate-N to elemental Nitrogen gas takes place on a fixed film of bacteria residing on and within a coarse mono media.

The down flow design of the Wagner Fluid Systems “De-nite” Filter effectively reduces suspended solids and phosphorus by addition of Alum and mechanical filtration through the bed. The anoxic bacteria require a carbon source as supplement which may include Methanol, Acetic Acid and other proprietary chemistry.

  • Applications

    Food Processing, Industrial & Municipal Wastewater

  • Enhanced

    Carbon feed source control & monitoring

  • Wide

    Selection of level controls

  • Highest

    Quality grade of media

  • Optimized

    Backwash, air scouring systems & controls

  • Simple

    Operator controls & optional system integration into existing plant control panel

  • Support

    Operator training & field service support